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(a) Glider pilots desiring to land on Town property:

(1) Must be a member of the USHPA which includes full liability insurance coverage; and

(2) Must be a current or guest member of the Telluride Air Force; and

(3) Must have executed a general release as required by the Telluride Air Force and the Town of Telluride; and

(4) Must have met the USHPA requirements for and hold:

a. A current USHPA H4 or P4 advanced pilot certification; or

b. A current USHPA H3 or P3 intermediate pilot certification and the approval of a guide pilot.

(b) Landing sites within the Town are restricted to Town Park, the Pearl Property (Lot A pursuant to the 2014 Pearl Property replat), and the five hundred sixty (560) acres known as the Valley Floor.

(c) The designated landing area within Town Park shall be established by the Town. A description of said area is available at the Town Clerk’s office.

(d) Glider pilots shall use properly maintained modern hang gliders, paragliders and equipment which shall include a reserve parachute, a radio that transmits on 2m FM transceiver frequency 151.925, a cell phone and a current Colorado Outdoor Recreation Search and Rescue card. (Prior code 9.24.020; Ord. 1288 §1, 2008; Ord. 1491 §1, 2019)