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The following words and phrases, when used in this Article, shall have the meanings respectively ascribed to them:

Admission means the right of a person to enter and/or occupy a seat or area at any festival or event staged, produced, convened or held in Town facilities, Town property and/or public rights-of-way for which an admission is charged, whether entrance is granted by purchase, sale or complimentary entrance.

Event organizer means any person, promoter or sponsor obligated to account to the Finance Director for fees collected or to be collected, or from whom a fee is due, under the terms of this Article.

Fee means either the fee payable by the purchaser or the aggregate amount of fees due from a vendor or event organizer.

Major festival event shall have the meaning set forth in Chapter 11, Article 4 of this Code.

Person means a natural person who is at least five (5) years old.

Purchase or sale means a contract for sale and includes any transaction for the furnishing by any person to any person of the privilege of admission.

Purchaser means any person to whom the privilege of admission is or has been rendered.

Vendor means a person making a sale to a purchaser of the privilege of admission. (Prior code 5.18.010; Ord. 1288, 2008)