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Division 2. Liquor Licensing
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(1) The provisions of the Colorado Liquor Code, Article 3 of Title 44, C.R.S., and the provisions of the Colorado Beer Code, Article 4 of Title 44, C.R.S., together with rules and regulations of the Colorado Department of Revenue, Liquor Enforcement Division, which are applicable to local liquor license authorities and local liquor license applications, are hereby adopted as part of this Article and are incorporated herein by reference, except to the extent of any inconsistency with the other provisions of this Article. Nothing herein shall be construed to alter or amend powers to condition, suspend or revoke a license.

(2) The Town Council shall constitute the Liquor Licensing Authority (“Authority”).

(3) The Town Clerk shall function as Clerk to the Authority, and the Town Attorney shall function as its legal counsel. The Town Marshal shall perform investigative functions on behalf of the Authority.

(4) Whenever in this Article reference is made to the Town Council, and the Town Council has appointed a Hearing Officer as the Liquor Licensing Authority pursuant to Division 1 of this Article to act in its stead, all references to the Town Council in this Article shall be to said Liquor Licensing Authority as if referenced therein in the first instance, except as otherwise specifically provided. (Prior code 5.15.010; Ord. 1288, 2008)