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Sec. 6-2-160. Distance requirements.
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(1) Pursuant to Section 44-3-313(1)(d)(III), C.R.S., the distance requirements of Section 44-3-313(1)(d)(I), C.R.S., are hereby eliminated.

(2) No new liquor license shall issue by any authority other than the Town Council and only after receiving the opinion of the affected school authority and with the following findings and conditions:

(a) A finding that the issuance of the license will have no adverse effect on the operation of the school and the student body.

(b) A finding that the applicant has the ability to diligently enforce the liquor laws as they pertain to the license applied for.

(c) Sufficient traffic signs exist alerting drivers to the presence of children and/or pedestrians. If insufficient signs exist, the license applicant may be required to assume the costs of additional traffic signs.

(d) A condition that any renewals of the application granted be reviewed as to its effect on the neighborhood particularly as to impact on the school. (Prior code 5.15.060; Ord. 1288, 2008; Ord. 1318, 2009)