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(1) When an application for renewal or issuance of a new liquor license is processed or approved, the applicant shall be advised that, as a condition of the applicant’s liquor license, the applicant must attend a liquor service workshop, which shall include training in the lawful dispensing of alcohol. All liquor license holders working in the business, including LLC managing members, officers, shareholders owning more than ten percent (10%) of the stock of the entity and premise managers are required to attend the liquor service workshops at their own expense within one (1) year after issuance or renewal of the license, provided that no person shall be required to attend more than one (1) such workshop within a three-year period. Attendees shall submit written evidence of satisfactory participation to the Town Clerk. Failure to attend or to submit such evidence shall constitute violation of a condition of each license issued, unless the Town Clerk or the Authority finds that the workshop was not reasonably available for attendance or extenuating circumstances exist, as determined by the Town Clerk.

(2) The manager of each event for which a special event permit is issued shall be required to have attended a liquor service workshop prior to the event. When special events are held in multiple locations, a liquor-trained person must be on site at each location. If the Authority approves a special event permit and the Town Clerk determines there is not a workshop available prior to the event or extenuating circumstances exist, the manager or site managers of that event must attend the next available workshop. If the manager fails to attend a workshop which has occurred between two (2) special events that he or she will manage, the Authority may deny the second request for issuance of a special event permit based upon the proposed manager’s failure to attend the required workshop and lack of qualification to safely dispense alcohol. (Prior code 5.15.040; Ord. 1288, 2008)