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(a) Small purchases. Any procurement not exceeding fifty thousand dollars ($50,000.00) may be made by the department head by negotiation without formal competition for the purchase of supplies, services or construction, subject to the approval process required by Section 4-6-140 of this Article.

(b) Negotiated procurement. Negotiated procurement pursuant to this Section shall be made on the open market, but whenever practical or advantageous, the department head shall obtain quotes from at least three (3) suppliers or vendors. Negotiated procurement shall be awarded to the person supplying the lowest responsible bid or offer.

(c) Division of procurement. No contract shall be divided so as to constitute a small purchase under this Section.

(d) In instances of multiple year contracts, the cumulative cost of procurement over the initial contract period, not including renewal periods, shall not exceed fifty thousand dollars ($50,000.00). (Prior code 17.03.040; Ord. 1288, 2008; Ord. 1366, 2012)