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Division 1. General Provisions
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(a) Purposes and policies. The underlying purposes and policies of this Article are:

(1) To simplify, clarify and standardize the law governing procurement by the Town;

(2) To provide for increased public confidence in the policies and procedures followed by Town employees engaged in the procurement of goods and services for the Town;

(3) To ensure the fair and equitable treatment of all persons who interact within the procurement system of the Town;

(4) To provide increased economy in Town procurement activities and to maximize to the fullest extent practicable the purchasing value of public funds of the Town;

(5) To provide safeguards for the maintenance of a procurement system of quality and integrity; and

(6) To contract with qualified local contractors when economically feasible.

(b) Interpretation. This Article shall be construed and applied to promote its underlying purposes and policies. (Prior code 17.01.010)