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Section 6-705 Procedure For Obtaining License
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An applicant seeking to obtain a license for a mobile home park shall follow the stages of the Telluride Land Development Process outlined below. The common review procedures for each stage are set out in Article 5 of this Title.

6-705.A. Pre-Application Conference. The applicant shall attend a pre-application conference prior to submission of an application to obtain a license for a mobile home park.

6-705.B. Submit Application. The applicant shall submit a complete application to the Planning Director, containing those materials listed in Section 6-706 of this Division.

6-705.C. Staff Review and Referral. The Planning Director shall review the application to determine whether it is complete and complies with the requirements of the underlying zone district.

6-705.C.1. If the Planning Director finds the application is complete and complies with the requirements of the underlying zone district, the application shall be assigned an agenda date and referred to other appropriate agencies for their comment.

6-705.C.2. If the application is incomplete or does not comply with the requirements of the underlying zone district, it shall be returned to the applicant, shall not be assigned an agenda date, and no further action taken until its defects are remedied.

6-705.D. Public Notice. Public notice that P&Z will conduct a hearing to consider the application for approval of a mobile home park license shall be provided as specified in Section 5-204 of this Title.

6-705.E. Staff Report. Prior to the public hearing to consider the application, the Planning Director shall prepare and forward a report to P&Z summarizing any review agency comments received and evaluating the application’s compliance with the review standards contained in this Division and other applicable provisions of this Title.

6-705.F. Public Action By P&Z. P&Z shall hold a public hearing to review the conformance of the application with all applicable provisions of this Title. P&Z shall certify a recommendation to the Town Council of approval, approval with conditions or denial of the application, within thirty (30) days after the final public hearing thereon. P&Z’s recommendation shall be based on specific findings of fact as to compliance of the application with the standards set forth in this Division.

6-705.G. Public Action By Town Council. The Town Council shall act upon the recommendations of P&Z at a regular meeting. The Town Council may approve, approve with conditions, or deny the application, based on its determination of whether the plans for the mobile home park are in compliance with all provisions of this Division and all other applicable Town regulations. The Council may also, at its discretion or upon request by the applicant, table the application so the applicant may make modifications or provide additional information before the Council takes final action.

6-705.H. Actions Following Approval. The applicant may apply for a building permit following approval of the use permitted on review and the filing and, if applicable, recordation of any documents required by the approval. Upon completion of the park according to the approved plans, the Town shall issue a mobile home park license to the applicant.