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Section 6-308 Application Contents For Conceptual PUD Approval
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An application for approval of a conceptual PUD shall contain the following fifteen (15) copies of the following information:

6-308.A. Minimum Contents. The minimum contents for all applications specified in Section 5-202.C of this Title.

6-308.B. Sketch Plan. A sketch plan of the proposed PUD, at a scale of one inch equals twenty feet (1" = 20'), or such other scale as is approved by the Planning Director. The sketch plan shall illustrate the proposed conceptual development of the PUD, depicting:

6-308.B.1. Existing natural and man-made features on the site and the approximate location of structures off the property within ten (10) feet of the proposed PUD;

6-308.B.2. Conceptual configuration and dimensions of proposed land use types, roads, sidewalks and utilities;

6-308.B.3. Conceptual landscaping and site design features;

6-308.B.4. Conceptual elevations or other architectural sketches of the proposed development, depicting general building mass and height, and relation of buildings to the site’s natural features and buildings on adjacent properties.

6-308.C. Vicinity Map. A vicinity map, indicating the location of the proposed PUD and land uses and residential densities of other properties within four hundred (400) feet; the vicinity map should be at a scale no smaller than one inch equals one hundred feet (1" = 100').

6-308.D. Narrative. A written statement providing an explanation of the objectives to be achieved by the PUD. The narrative shall conceptually identify any variances from requirements of the underlying zone district that are requested and describe the conceptual features that constitute the proposed site design and building development program. The narrative shall also identify:

6-308.D.1. The total area of the PUD;

6-308.D.2. The number of lots, expected lot sizes and expected uses of all lots, specifying the number of dwelling units proposed for the PUD;

6-308.D.3. The land area breakdown of each type of use within the PUD, including the land area for residential and non-residential uses and the land area to be dedicated to open space, roads and other public uses;

6-308.D.4. The square footage breakdown of each type of use proposed to be built within the PUD;

6-308.D.5. The number of separate PUD filings anticipated.

6-308.E. Housing Mitigation Plan, as required by Section 3-720.D.