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Section 6-204 Standard P&Z Variance Review Criteria
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P&Z may only grant variances from the provisions of this Title when it determines the variance is consistent with the purposes of this Title and all of the following criteria have been met:

6-204.A. Uses. The variance authorizes a use permitted or a use permitted on review in the underlying zone district;

6-204.B. Unnecessary Hardship. The owner is likely to suffer an unnecessary hardship if the provisions of this Title were literally enforced;

6-204.C. Hardship Not Self Imposed. The circumstances found to constitute a hardship were not created by the owner and were not due to or the result of known general conditions in the zone district or site and cannot be reasonably corrected in the absence of a variance.

6-204.D. Impact on Adjacent Properties. The variance shall not have an unreasonable negative impact on adjacent properties.