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Section 5-210 Development Application Fees
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5-210.A. Fee Schedule. The fees and fee structures referenced throughout the Town of Telluride Land Use Code shall be set forth by Town Council resolution. Fees and fee structures shall be reviewed every two years. Fees and fee structures may be modified at a regular meeting of the Town Council upon recommendation of P&Z, the Planning Director and/or Town Manager. In the case of application fees, the intent of establishing and collecting fees is to recover the fair and average cost of all expenses, including staff time, associated with the administration of the Town of Telluride Land Use Code. In the case of other fees, such as payment-in-lieu fees, the intent of establishing and collecting fees is to recover the full cost to the Town of providing the given activity the applicant seeks to avoid.

5-210.B. Waiver of Fees. Upon positive recommendation of P&Z, the Town Council may by motion and without additional notice of hearing authorize refunds or waive development review application fees. Council may authorize refunds or waivers of fees only in cases of hardship to the applicant, or economic benefit to the community, or other unique circumstances.

5-210.C. Multiple Applications. In the event that more than one (1) development application is simultaneously submitted to a reviewing body for the same property (for example, a P.U.D. plan and a major subdivision plan), the applicant shall pay the required fee for each development application.