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Prefatory Synopsis

This preface is included in your selections.

The original Home Rule Charter for the Town of Telluride was prepared by the nine members of the Telluride Charter Commission in accordance with the law and was adopted October 27, 1977.

The functions of government are carried out by a popularly elected, seven-member Town Council. Councilpersons are elected for four-year staggered terms in yearly elections. A Mayor is elected directly by the voters and a Mayor Pro Tem is elected from among its membership. The Town Council directs a hired Town Manager who serves as the Town's chief administrative officer.

Other matters covered in the Charter include elections, general powers of the people, Town finances, borrowing procedures, public utilities, taxation, improvement districts and transition procedures.

This Charter vests the citizens of Telluride with every political power for Home Rule self-government permitted under the Constitution of the State of Colorado. We trust that this Charter will stimulate integrity in public affairs.

Certificate of Final Adoption

We, the undersigned, present members of the Town of Telluride Charter Commission, duly elected by the people of Telluride, Colorado at a special election held on January 11, 1977, or duly appointed according to law, under authorization of Article XX, Constitution of the State of Colorado, to frame a Home Rule Charter for the Town of Telluride, Colorado, do hereby certify that the foregoing is the Proposed Charter as finally approved and adopted by the members of the Commission on the 27th day of October, 1977, for submission to the people of Telluride at a special election to be held on January 24, 1978.

Done in triplicate at Telluride, Colorado, this 27th day of October, 1977.

I hereby certify that the above and foregoing document is the Charter adopted at a Special Election for the Town of Telluride, Colorado, held Tuesday, January 24, 1978, and duly filed by me with the Secretary of State of the State of Colorado.


James Bedford

Alan Ranta

James L. Novack

Steven D. Suloway

James R. Perrin

Susan L. Theile

Roberta Peterson

Richard D. Unruh


Carolyn S. Shaw
Town Clerk of Telluride, Colorado